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Our Experience Team of Designers work for you!

Churning out an awesome custom logo for you isn't the only thing that we do for you. We, at Excellent Logo Design, are here with our talented pool of designers and graphic designing professionals who are ready to be the backend support for your business. Be it designing of Logos, Stationery, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Packaging, Newsletter, Website and the like, our designing team can deliver with flair. The lucrative reseller opportunity that we have got for you will surely make you come up with a ‘wow.’! If you are geared up to offer matchless Graphic design and Web Design services to your customers, it's time to strike the deal with us!

Want to be a part of our reseller network? We welcome you with open arms:

How To Join Us?

Joining us involves a "zero" cost process.

How it works

You sell Graphic design and Web Design services to your list of contacts and customer base. We only offer White Label services, which is going to be rewarding for you as a reseller. You can offer design services to your customers in your name, with no mention of Excellent Logo Design. On the other hand, we will be at the backend, offering you eye-grabbing design services, providing cent percent satisfaction to your clients, while making your wallet to smile.

You quote the price you want to your customers, and the difference of what you pay us and what you charge your customers, will be your wholesome profit! Your customers will never get to know about our existence or interact with us. They will pay you and you get the credit for offering the professional services that they receive.

All financial aspects of the project are only between you and your client.We do not interfere into any financial aspects like what price you are quoting to your client or your profit ratio that you are earning from each project. You can put all your trust on us for all things technical and the design services that you hire. We remain the workforce behind the scenes and you become the main face that our customers get to know.

Who can make it work

A reseller opportunity in this field is a convincing winner for anyone who wants to make it happen. All you need to do is go for the sales bang on and take the payment, while we take care of the work process and completion of each project. It's a perfect chance to cash on for selling something that is in demand without investing much time or energy!

Are you looking for grabbing any part-time opportunity to have additional income?

A reseller relationship with Excellent Logo Design is a perfect way out for people who are eagerly looking forward to do part time business and push up their earnings and revenue generation graph. All you need to do is build your client base, make sales, while the rest is taken good care of by our dynamic and ace team of designers.

Are you already into graphic design or web design Business?

Advertising agencies, graphic designers and web designers can use the reseller plan to cater to their customer needs efficiently without facing the hassles of time management or infrastructural incompetency. You do not have to say ‘no’ to any earning opportunity as we can deal with voluminous workflow and act as the productive yet inexpensive part of your design team! We help save BIG by cutting down on production cost and help businesses and professionals to make more profits.

Do you work with other web businesses?

Whether you are a designer, programmer, hardware seller, content producer, internet marketer or involved with the online business world in any way, the reseller program can do a lot for you. Wooing your clients becomes easy with us at the backend offering reliable support with our design services. Your customers receive a great design and you get the accolades, while profit comes your way in an effortless way.

Why grab this unbeatable reseller opportunity? – Take a look at the benefits!

-- We offer white label services, that is, copyright lies with you only! We never include the projects that we work for you, in our portfolio. The bonus you enjoy- you can showcase that work in your work portfolio.

-- We ensure 100% confidentiality of the services offered. Your client will never have the faintest idea that we did the project for you.

-- If you are thinking of returns, think big! What you pay us for churning out bulk work and the fee that you charge your client for delivering the work- that is your profit!

Our USP:

-- Special Agency rates that you enjoy when sealing the deal with us! Switch to the saving mode by cutting down on the production cost.

-- Expanding your work horizon with us at the backend becomes a hapless affair for you.

-- Quick Turnaround. We believe in delivering work bang on time with efficiency, promptness and professionalism.

-- Seamless communication 24/7!

-- Premium quality work that leave you coveting for more!

-- There is complete transparency in the whole work process, you are always in the loop, informed and updated about the A,B, C of the on-going project!

-- Accounts Manager – You would have a dedicated Accounts manager who would be your single point of contact. This way easy communication and immaculate execution of a project is guaranteed!


Join our reseller network program to reap the HUGE benefits of our partnership!


Join our reseller program
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